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The languages we teach



We provide interesting and quality learning for adults (18 years of age and older) and for children (7 to 18 years old).

You can choose from the following types of classes:

  • Group lessons - 75/90 min. for adults, 60 min. for children (5 people in the group)
  • Lessons in pairs - 60 min. (2 people)
  • Individual lessons - 60 min.

✅ You can learn about each lesson type here

✅ All types of lessons are conducted twice a week according to stable schedule, offline or online.

✅ The suitable time and day are selected by students and teachers: from 10 am till 8 pm, from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays are day offs.

✅ During the first lesson the teacher examines your language proficiency and makes the suitable program for you. You can decide whether the type of lesson fits you.

✅ We do not restrict the term of education, it is determined by your goals and desired level of knowledge. Minimum period of studying is 6 months. Every student gets a certificate.

✅ The teacher selects a program for you, using our own materials and techniques, balancing and combining the spoken and grammatical aspects.

Payment is made by subscription system, that is, a month ahead. You can buy a subscription for 8 classes, when attending lessons twice a week. In the case of missing the lessons, you have to warn before 10 hours to the lesson. One lesson can be rescheduled and should be worked off, separate from the main lessons. Other missed lessons are considered as conducted. The student should warn the teacher about changes, delays, absence, and so on.

✅ We provide free consultation with topics that are unclear or other issues.

You have the opportunity to choose any type of classes and register for a test lesson. Catch the moment!