Our history and team

My name is Renata Baloh. I am a tutor, translator, language trainer, consultant and methodist. My background is 6 years experience of tutoring and translating, language training and developing educational materials. I wanted to share my experience and to teach more and more students, because I understood that my teaching method is effective. So on July 1, 2016 I created our language courses «Live & Learn». The name of it means that is never too late to study and improve your language skills.

Language courses «Live and Learn» are located in city Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. At our courses you have an opportunity to study Hungarian and English languages, also we offer the studying of Ukrainian language for foreigners, and for those who would like to improve their knowledges. Our courses are developing constantly by the team of teachers and we work to make it easy and interesting for you to study foreign languages!

During 3 years of successful work of language courses we have taught over 400 students, adults and children. For 6 years of work more than 600 satisfied students

Our students are from 13 countries: Ukraine, from Transcarpathia (practically from all corners of the region), from countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belorussia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and the United States of America.

We have written more than 137 articles with unique and useful content.

We are proud of 2 thematic workshops for children which were held in Hungarian language, and were first launched in Uzhhorod by our school. We offer effective teaching materials and own unique representation of studying materials.

For professional work we draw from our experience of oral and written translations in the field of medicine, law, tourism, sales and construction. Translated official letters, web pages, diploma works. Accompanied groups at conferences, and on trips.

We are actively studying and have already visited more than 20 training seminars.

Besides teaching foreign languages for daily use, we prepare our students for

  • admission to the Hungarian school, to Hungarian universities;
  • interviews of different types (work, obtaining a visa, obtaining citizenship, grants),
  • exam ECL,
  • an examination of the Constitutional Basis of the Hungarian Language,
  • language preparation for the competition for civil service positions at foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine.